Beyond Words

Summer 2026. The world’s climate is changing rapidly. Bizarre, unpredictable weather events are occurring with increasing frequency.
One of our greatest fears comes to pass. An environmental terrorist group, the Earth Prophets, gets its hands on a nuclear weapon and makes an unattainable demand. The world has thirty days to stop producing carbon-based energy sources, or an unspecified American city will be destroyed. A massive search is underway. The only hope is to find and disarm the bomb. One disturbing possibility is an underwater location. In that case, conventional technology falls short.
The Navy’s Marine Mammal Program has successfully taught dolphins to find underwater mines. The question is, might they be of help?
Beyond Words takes you on a mind-bending journey, where science butts up against the realm of the spirit, where improbable confluences hold the key to life and death, and where the definition of sentience takes on new meaning.
It is also a tale of love…

Beyond Words is available through this website from Maine Authors Publishing and  See About the Books for purchase links and for information about other novels by Rick Hobbs.